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Ramon Pulido has been growing grapes on Mt. Veeder for 38 years.   The first 20 years he managed Domaine Chandon's 1200 acres of  vineyards on Mt. Veeder and Carneros.  For the last 12 years he has managed Camalie Vineyards, Konrad Vineyards, Rubissow Vineyards, Crouse Vineyards and in 2015 for the first time August Vineyards all but the last on Mount Veeder. Total acreage under management is about 47 acres producing 100 tons of premium Mount Veeder, Napa, grapes, mostly Cabernet Sauvignon. These grapes are being used in house or are being sold for $5000-7000/ton. PVM brokers the grapes from these vineyards to 15 different buyers from one ton home winemakers to Constellation Brands.

PVM specializes in taking under-performing vineyards and demonstrating the peak performance they are capable of in terms of yield, quality and income. PVM does this in a profit sharing partnership with the vineyard owner rather than fee based vineyard management services. This model aligns PVM's interests with the vineyard owner's interests resulting in maximum vineyard performance. PVM has demonstrated repeatedly that this approach results in much higher yields and profitability. Talk to one of the vineyard owners we work for, Dr. James Konrad, Ms. Karen Crouse and hear first hand the results PVM has achieved. PVM also farms for standard cost plus or fixed fee.

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Ramon Pulido Ramon Pulido

Ramon's years of experience are evident when you look at the vineyards he manages and see and taste the fruit they produce.   Viticultural practices have to be tuned to each vineyard and type of grape.  It takes years to discover what works best at a particular site.  An expert manager like Ramon develops an intuition for what needs to be done but at the same time is always trying different approaches to further improve each vineyard. He also knows his limitations.  Water and nutrient status of the vines require quantitative analysis.   

Here's Ramon in the Malbec at August Vineyards.

Last Edited 4/24/16 M.H.